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A small Sample of how companies benefit:

2 Billion dollars in untapped sales using a business intelligence system created to discover when old products would be expiring so new replacements needed to be added to a network. 


This was based on a data warehouse using SQL Server 2005, Oracle, BO, text files and MS Excel.  Created stored procedures, table designs, views data imports and exports, SSIS packages, extensive Excel VBA.  Trained team members on T-SQL and SQL Server functionality.  Tableau was also used as a reporting tool.

Decreased problem delivery rate for the entire logistics system of Clorox by creating a logistics system database that allowed proactive response through business intelligence for possible problem deliveries and helped stabilize several problem delivery contracts.  Reduced the expense of temporary labor, used prior to the business intelligence tracking system.

Performed enhancements to current databases that tracked all contracts for their logistical network.  The enhancements included database automation in sending contracts and performing calculations on contracts for all delivery lanes for all carriers and customers.

Programmed business intelligence by pulling data from Oracle databases for analytics of cell towers.

Operational and real time analytics to show when cell towers were down, to enable fast response times for repairs.  Which reduced down time and increased profits.

Created a prototype database for internal tracking of forms and work order flow.

Consolidated and simplified the process by creating a database that tracks the various government forms used, to track what is received, track actions taken, and then independently assigns work to clerks including open, due and closing dates as well as in process, overdue, and closed assignments.

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